Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mystery Shopping

I have yet to try out a mystery shopping job, but it looks interesting. I signed up for about four companies and decided I would not pay a subscription to any agency. I checked out the BBB score on all four I signed up for and so far been approved for one, the others are pending my application status.

The jobs are things like visit a fast food establishment or go to a grocery and purchase lunch meat, things we already do. You pay for the product, get the reciept and fax or email a copy of the receipt and a short essay or form about your visit along with any other documents the job might require (sometimes they want pictures of the store etc.). In turn they will mail out a check and reimburse you for the items you bought and give you a fee. Its kind of like rebate with a bonus.

The site I used is called MSPA. They are a listing agent that lists the mystery shopping jobs in your area, like Texas Work Force does for jobs on their website. But I highly caution anyone to look up the companies offering each job and make sure they check out with the BBB before registering. Also remember you never should have to pay to work.

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  1. I tried a bit of mystery shopping when I was a back in university, signed up for a few agencies and it helped with a little extra income when I was studying.