Monday, November 14, 2011


I have been a member of this free paid survey/offer site since 2009. So far it is the only online business that has paid me. Not everyone likes the idea of their information floating around the web, and GPT (get paid to) are not for everyone. But, if you don't mind a few extra articles of spam mail, and checking an extra spam email account for confirmation notices now and then, then you could make some good money on GPTs.

Cashcrate is the best so far, and I've tried a lot over the years. they have tons and I mean TONS of free and paying surveys and offers. A point award system where you can use points to purchase useful gift cards (Walmart, Amazon etc.) or ipads, xbox etc. A referral system that starts at 20% and pays two tiers. A very active forum with helpful and cheerful mods. Plus the site is very user friendly. Did I mention the low minimum payout of $20?! I have a check in the mail as we speak (or as I am typing this lol).

Either way it is a great place to check out. I highly suggest you do!