Sunday, May 22, 2011

Food Basket Deals with Matching Coupons

 Here is a short list of match ups I did with advertised deals and coupons. I used an alphabetized list of unexpired coupons and my Sunday paper to match up with the ad. I will post one for Randalls shortly.

Food Basket Deals with Matching Coupons

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 2/$3
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1.00/2 (7/10/11) SS 5/15/2011

Jimmy Dean Sausage $2.99
Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls $1 on 2 (6/15/11) V(aka RP) #2 4/17/2011

New York Texas Toast $1.99
New York Frozen Bread Products $1.00/2 (6/5/11) SS 3/7/2011

Totinos Pizza Rolls 4/$5
Totinos Products $0.50/4 (8/13/11) SS 5/22/2011
Triples to $1.50/4
Doubles to $1.00/4

Kraft Mayo 30oz $2.99/ea
Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing, 22 oz+ $1/2 (6/12/11) SS 5/15/2011

Oscar Mayer Large Lunchables 2/$5
Oscar Mayer Lunchables Combinations with Fruit $1 (7/10/11) SS 5/15/2011
Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combos $1 (7/10/11) SS 5/15/2011
Oscar Mayer Sub or Flatbread Sandwiches, Cracker Combos or Sandwich Combos $1 (7/10/11) SS 5/15/2011

Heinz Ketchup 24 oz 99¢
Heinz Ketchup any ketchup 50¢/1 (6/19/11) SS 5/22/2011
Triples to $1.50
Doubles to $1.00

Owens Sausage $2.99/ea
Owens any sausage item 35¢ (7/3/11) SS 5/22/2011
Triples to $1.05/1
Doubles to 70¢/1

Friday, May 20, 2011

My first impression of Hodges Food Baket

I visited the store for the first time yesterday. When you walk through the doors its a blast form the past Texas style. The workers are nice and the customers shopping all seemed to be in a great mood while there. The owners work there and make sure they greet everyone, its cute and quaint and its selection caters to Houstonian tastes. The produce was fresh, the meat looked good and the way the aisles were set up made me somewhat nostalgic for the days before the big warehouse stores. The parking was ample and the store was easy to get to.

On the flip side the prices were hit or miss, some were really good like the bread for 77¢, some were pretty steep. I probably will only shop there by sales ad.

Overall I was impressed with the store, they are friendly , have good deals, and good quality items. Makes you wonder why you would want to step foot into a Walmart again.

Hodge's Food Basket Bi-weekly Ad

Monday, May 16, 2011

Walmart Deals (5/15)

I had to run an errand at Walmart yesterday so I decided to see what freebies were available before I left for the store. Nothing impressive but free stuff is free stuff nonetheless. Here a little list of freebies available at Walmart that I got off couponmom website:

03-27 RP Super Poligrip Free .75 oz (coupon for free up to $2.00)--charity! $2.00 1 $0.00 FREE 100%
04-17 S1 Reach Floss 55 yds--Charity! $1.00 1 $0.88 FREE 100%
04-17 R2 Nivea For Women Body Wash 16.9 oz - charity! $3.00 1 $3.00 FREE 100%
05-01 S2 DampRid Moisture Absorber 10.5 oz ($2 Rebate available from purchases made through 6/30, makes it FREE after coupon and rebate, you will pay $2 more at the register) $0.50 1 $0.46 FREE 100%
05-01 PG Ivory Bar 3 ct--Charity! $1.00 1 $0.97 FREE 100%
05-08 S Carefree Pantiliners 20 ct--Charity! $1.00 1 $0.94 FREE 100%
05-15 S Pert Plus 2in1 Shampoo 1.7 oz (travel size)--Charity! $1.00 1 $0.97 FREE 100%
05-15 RP Sensodyne ProNamel (travel size) .8 oz--Charity! $1.00 1 $0.97 FREE 100%
05-15 RP Black Flag Fly Paper 4 ct $1.00 1 $0.98 FREE 100%

I got 4 of the perts, 4 sensodynes and 8 fly papers all for free.

Hodge's Food Basket Coupon Policy

Hodge's Food Basket coupon policy as follows:
  • Manufacturer's coupons and printed manufacturer's coupons taken 
  • They do not accept photocopies of coupons, all coupons must be valid and unexpired
  • Any first manufacturer's coupon 1¢-50¢ is tripled
  • Any second manufacturer's coupon 1¢-50¢ is doubled
  • Any third manufacturer's coupon is discounted as coupon states
  • Only one transaction is allowed for tripling and doubling coupons, no multiple transactions.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Woodlands, TX stores that double and triple coupons

I currently live in Spring, TX and the two stores in my area that double and triple coupons are Randalls on 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr. and Hodges Food Basket 26824 I-45 N in Spring, TX.

Randalls will triple any coupon 1¢- 39¢ and double any coupon 40¢-50¢. Randalls will only triple and double the first like coupon, so if you have more than one of the same coupon to double or triple you would have to do separate transactions for each like coupon.

**For example, Randalls had Colagte toothpaste on sale for 99¢, and I had six coupons for 50¢ off any Colgate toothpaste. I had to separate the toothpastes in 6 different transactions in order for the coupons to double making all six toothpastes free.**

Food Basket will triple any first like coupons 1¢-50¢, and double second like coupons 1¢-50¢, but they do not allow more than one transaction per visit.

**An example would be if I had two coupons for 25¢ off Heinz ketchup  which is on sale for 99¢. The first coupon would be tripled to 75¢ off one bottle of ketchup and the next coupon would double to the value of 50¢ off the second bottle of ketchup.**