Friday, September 2, 2011

Randalls Deal

My Randalls trip was a short one this time. Today only they had six packs of Viva paper towels for $5 and I used a 50¢/1 which doubled, also I got 6 FREE Colgate toothpastes 4oz. which were on sale for 99¢. The coupon I used was in this past Sunday's paper and was 50¢/1 which doubled making the items free.

Randalls had some BOGO on produce and other items but when I looked at the price of the item you buy it was seriously high. For example, the cantaloupe was BOGO, sounded good till I saw the tiny price was $3.99 for the one you pay for. That's $1.50 ea. which is not a deal. Lesson learned if it looks like a deal double check, sometimes stores will just use lingo to get you to buy, allowing you to think you saved money when you have not.

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