Friday, May 20, 2011

My first impression of Hodges Food Baket

I visited the store for the first time yesterday. When you walk through the doors its a blast form the past Texas style. The workers are nice and the customers shopping all seemed to be in a great mood while there. The owners work there and make sure they greet everyone, its cute and quaint and its selection caters to Houstonian tastes. The produce was fresh, the meat looked good and the way the aisles were set up made me somewhat nostalgic for the days before the big warehouse stores. The parking was ample and the store was easy to get to.

On the flip side the prices were hit or miss, some were really good like the bread for 77¢, some were pretty steep. I probably will only shop there by sales ad.

Overall I was impressed with the store, they are friendly , have good deals, and good quality items. Makes you wonder why you would want to step foot into a Walmart again.

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